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Welcome To Magnum Educorporates - A premium training institute based in Lucknow for a host of finance and non-finance courses

Are you interested in learning about markets? The stock market classes online are the right means to do it. We help you create wealth through the best stock market training in India. Get started with our best stock market courses online. Our courses are designed to offer you with the most comprehensive insight into the Indian stock markets. We will equip you with the right tools to make the well-informed decisions in investing wisely and creating wealth. That is what makes us the premium and best stock market institute in India.


Know more about us

We are a MSME registered institute providing a complete education in achieving high standards in terms of a career in Finance. We are a market leader in providing the high-quality education in financial market. In addition to providing the quality financial education to the students aspiring to build a career in the finance sector, we also cater to the employees working in the top consulting firms, investment banks and research industry. Our programs are industry oriented and are focussed on imparting the high-quality education. Our courses are recognised by the reputed companies. You can get an outstanding education in the finance sector in a combination of both offline and online classes.

What makes Magnum a preferred choice for- finance and non-finance courses?

  • Our Course Skills are Internationally accepted

  • Gain multiple skills in one certification

  • Exposure to over 50 live projects

  • Get experience in over 50 different industry skills

  • Our courses provide mastery in writing research papers, industry reports and analytical reports

  • Exposure to several case studies

Breaking records in the history
for making Finance & Non Finance Careers

Magnum Educorporates is known for breaking records in the history by providing you with a few great options in the realm of placements. The institute has helped create a huge number of experts and professionals who have achieve a success rate that has definitely redefined the Indian placement arena.

Best stock market courses
for beginners and experts alike

We have several courses designed for beginners and experts alike. We would cater to all levels of expertise with the best-designed courses in Indian stock markets with our best stock market courses in India. Our courses are created to help you master the stock market scenario in India and help you expand the horizons of your knowledge. We have specific modules specifically created for the beginners, traders and investors. Whichever category you may belong to, you have an excellent level of expertise gained through these stock market courses. Outstanding guidance and mentorship are our prime attractions with our top-end stock market courses online.

Stock market courses for beginners

The course covers the good aspects of investment options, such as the stock market and stock trading for the newbies in the field. We offer one of the most affordable stock market course fees.

  • The topics covered would include

    • Basic stock market knowledge
    • Best Stock Trading courses for beginners
    • Investment course for beginners
    • Personal finance basics

    We have been known to be the most popular best online stock trading courses for beginners. You can an optimum benefit from a share market learning course for the beginners.

Trading courses in India for investors

The exclusive modules designed for the investors include the best tips for using the knowledge to your advantage.

Some modules would include

  • Stock market analysis course
  • Advanced analysis and evaluation
  • Risk management
  • Best trading courses in India

Our stock market classes help you create wealth by making the best means to fulfil your dream. That apart, our share market classes fees are one of the most affordable ones to check out.

The FAQs on Stock Market

Let us try answering a few questions that you may have in your mind about our courses

What are the online stock trading courses?

The online stock trading courses are the carefully designed lessons and tutorials aimed at teaching you the intricate aspects of the stock market. These stock market courses are structured across modules and then into chapters. You can get a complete access to the stock market. Stock market courses, stock trading courses.

How to choose the best stock market course that is suitable for me?

If you are a beginner, choose a course that teaches you the fundamentals of stock trading. Even when you may be an expert, it is always a good idea to learn in detail about the important aspect of trading and investing. These courses help you make informed decisions about buying and selling in the stock market.

Can I learn about the stock market myself?

The stock market is something easy to learn. You can learn it from experts. But, for a broader knowledge, we recommend taking the online stock market courses or even considering taking up offline ones if you prefer. The stock market certification courses offered by the reputed institutes like Magnum Educorporates can be a good choice.

What is the stock market, and why should you learn about it?

The stock market would include both the primary market and the secondary market. Learning in detail about both these markets is important to help you in learning effectively about the markets and make the learned decisions about buying and selling stocks. This is where stock market trading courses can come in handy.

How can I learn stock market?

If you want to gain knowledge about the stock market, it is advisable to take up the certified courses from reputed institutes. That way, you would be able to get a good knowledge of the Indian stock markets and how they work. We do not recommend learning the stock market on your own.

The extensive stock market classes online coverage with a wide range of topics

Our stock market learning courses cover a wide range of topics that for suitable for every genre of learners. We cater to almost every niche that forms part of the Indian stock market courses.
A few typical courses that we offer as part of our courses would include -

  • Technical and fundamental analysis
  • Portfolio management and
  • Options trading

We provide the completely customised courses that are specifically tailored to your specific needs.

Education in tune with your persona

Irrespective of whether you are an investor, a newbie or a trader, our share market courses online are designed to provide you with the right modules to meet your needs. If you are still determining which course to take, you can get in touch with us for guidance on the right share market courses or the best online stock trading courses in India.

Multiple formats of courses

You will find the text-based learning coupled with the videos, quick recap podcasts, and so much more. You can choose whichever mode of learning is comfortable for you. You will also learn through the resources like infographics, charts, and graphs.

Milestones and progress tracking

You can comfortably track your progress at different stages of your learning. You will earn badges and certificates for indicating your progress. You can even take up the end of chapter questions to test your grasp of the subject.

Multiple resources at your fingertips

The Magnum Educorporates provides you access to plenty of attractions in the form of multiple resources. Some of the resources that can add more value to stock market learning can be summarised as

  • Research reports
  • Market news
  • Real-time data


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