Certification in Financial Analysis & Market Research

This course covers Next Generation CV getting ready - students to make them become competitive for Jobs in Finance & Research - Equity research- Investment banking-Technical analysis- Stock market- Market Research, cover up 3 major specialisations of CTA - CTFA & CFMRA , the above contents contributing together with the most expert trade level techniques used in this course summarizing to do Industry Analysis - Company Analysis - Economy Analysis - Financial statement analysis - Valuation Analysis - Annual Report Analysis - Forecasting models - 3 Statement model forecast - Business Information Report - Research Report writing - Trading Comparable Analysis - Competitive Analysis - Matrix Analysis - Quantitative Analysis - Qualitative Analysis - Business Analysis - Data Analysis - 50 Live Projects - Live Industry Reports - Tracker reports - BCG Model Analysis - Peer Analysis - Financial Analysis Industry model - 5.0 -Sector Expert model - WEEKLY 50 + Interview Questions Live asked at Corporates - Trader Expert - Terminal Expert - Market sizing expert - Guesstimating Expert - Industry Porter Expert - MD&A Expert - Reading Fundamental Expert - CFA Level 1 preparatory Modules covered practically - Trend Analyis - Revenue Model - Market buy and sell recommendations used by Expert analyst and traders .....including Live case studies on companies , Industries , FII buy - sell move , live generation of calls before market and after market , on opening bells and closing bells , Live generation of BTST , STBT , Real case studies using charts and charting softwares , live NSE EOD charts studies with live generation of calls for the upcoming days , Intradays , delivery , Positional for months years , live dilemma study of every economical market conditions by live projection on LED s under the direct supervision of experts with real implication of tools and techniques of expert level by making every trade a winning trade on consistent basis and much more etc.

CFMRA includes:-

  • Equity Program
  • Basics Program in Stock Market
  • Advance Program in Stock Market
  • Market Research
  • Advance Excel Special Functions
  • IPO Analysis Program
  • Financial Analysis
  • Fundamentals
  • Financial Statement Analysis
  • Quantitative Research
  • Qualitative research
  • Live Projects
  • Interview Preparation
  • Unlimited interviews
  • Industry Analysis / Company Analysis
  • Competitive Landscape
  • Valuation Model
Program Objective

The CFMRA Premium Package is designed objectively for students and professionals who wills to pursue & make careers in Asset Management - Hedge Fund houses - Portfolio Management houses - Mutual Fund houses - Investment Advisory houses - Brokerage houses - Equity Research Firms - Top Consulting Firms etc. CFMRA is also directly preparing you for CFA - (CHARTERED FINANCIAL ANALYST) U.S AFFILIATED got getting Top Analytics Placements with Top International MNCs and Consulting firms nocthing the doors Internationally and Domestically.

  • Apply for top career and  job opportunities in 30 different type of positions in 1 Roof Specialization CFMRA  ( Which no Institution gives)
  • Entry door preparation for top 25 Job profiles competitive careers in Finance & Market Research, ( Which no Institution gives) which no degree gives without Professional Certification updates like CFMRA.
  • You will get certifications of 15 specialization  in Financial Research and Market Research Analysis 
  • Learn new trends of Live domestic and International Market Analysis 
  • 25 Days Live Earning Challenge . ( Which no Institution gives)
  • 6 Months professional  Job Experience into 50 +  Live Projects  into Financial & Market Research Analysis which  ( Which no Institution gives)  in Online Certifications and Offline Certification .
  • Entrepreneur Project training ( Which no Institution gives)
  • Report making  essentials - Industry Reports - Company Report - Economy Report making  ( Which no Institution gives)
  • Practical Knowledge  Makeover ( Which no Institution gives) 
  • Professional CV AND    Cover Letter  ( Which no Institution gives)
  • Corporate Interview 7 Grilling Rounds of Aptitude - Advance Excel - Technical Rounds - Market Sizing Rounds - Research Report making rounds - Live projects Rounds etcetc  ( Which no Institution gives)
  • Realtime Industrial Skillset  for making CV differentiated from crowd . ( Which no Institution gives)
  • Making you ready to  face interview with best weekly practices in weekly curriclum covered for possible Q&A rounds for selections  ( Which no Institution gives)
  • Making you expert with MS Office Expertise  - Industry presentations - Advance Excel  ( Which no Institution gives)
  • HR Round Interview preparation  (Optional)  ( Which no Institution gives)
  • Valuation/Ratio Analysis/Financial Analysis / Equity Research / Trading Expert Technical Analysis/Market Research/Advisory/Portfolio management/Trading exposure. Top most combination nowhere in India in 1 CERTIFICATION  ( Which no Institution gives) .
  • Financial Analysis/Market Research Report/Financial Modelling/Equity Research Formualtions. 
  • Job Description based preparation as per corporate requirements. ( Which no Institution gives)
  • Personal Interview Preparations.
  • Mock Interview,Evaluation and Assesments at regular intervals. ( Which no Institution gives)
  • Daily Assignment/Topics Covered/Interview Questions & Answer preparation. ( Which no Institution gives)
  • Corporate Skillset & Live Project Upgradation. ( Which no Institution gives)
Mode of Training

Online / Offline

Course Duration

4 Months

CMT Chartered Market Technician . U.S Affiliation &CFT : Certified Financial Technician

CMT Chartered Market Technician . U.S Affiliation & CFT : Certified Financial Technician / CFA (Chartered Financial Analyst)

Master Takeaways
  • Professional CV Upgradation on any mentioned positions willingly opted by students to join as per their interest
  • Financial Analyst/ Research Analyst / Business Analyst /Equity Research Analyst  / Financial Data Analyst /Derivative Analyst / Business Analyst / Stock Market Analyst/Financial analyst / Credit Analyst /Credit Under writing Analyst / Valuation Analyst / Financial Research Analyst / Fundamental Analyst/Rating Analyst / Accounts Payable Analyst / Accounts Receivable Analyst/Equity Advisor / Financial Consultant/Equity Associate/Financial Advisor/Investment Advisor/Wealth manager/Equity trader/Portfolio manager/Management Trainee Finance//Finance Associate/Finance Executive/Investment Associate/Junior Analyst/Data Management Analyst/Research Associate/Research Analyst/Market Research Analyst/Data Analyst./Chartered Financial Analyst / Mortgage Analyst/Financial Reporting Analyst/Hedging Analyst/Trade Analyst. ( Which no Institution gives)  
  • Real time Job description preparations on above mentioned profiles , 
  • Various Certification specialization  of Finance + Makret Research + Financial Markets + Stock Markets in 1 combo in 1 Program CFMRA ( Which no Institution gives) 
  • Financial& Valuation Calculator ( Which no Institution gives) 
  • Live Projects in Financial Analysis & Market Research Analysis ( Which no Institution gives)  
  • Performance Tracker Report - seen at the time of Interviews ( Which no Institution gives) 
  • Round the clock queries dealt on Whatsapp .( Which no Institution gives) 
  • Undertstanding 1000+ Financial Jargons  asked at the time of Final Interviews ( Which no Institution gives) 
  • Advance Daily Materials & Notes via PDF .( Which no Institution gives) 
  • Live earnings challenge in 25 days to make you Grow your Investments on weekly basis  ( Which no Institution gives) 
  • Software sessions - Required as per the Interviews  
  • Real time Live sessions . ( Which no Institution gives) 
  • Daily Advance Article on Financial  discussed via various prominent websites of Industry research & Company Research  for advancement into Economy - Industry & Company Analysis .( Which no Institution gives) 
  • Various Annual Report sessions FREE/- to understand Company Fundamentals required to be a specialist in Financial and Market Research Analysis( Which no Institution gives) 
  • 30 Top Multi-bagger Strategies & Jackpot Strategies FREE/- for Long Term investment Strategies.( Which no Institution gives) 
  • Technical Round Interview preparation from Business perspective for giving vision to each potential student to grow their careers into this .
  • Report making essentials( Which no Institution gives)
  • Practical Knowledge Makeover ( Which no Institution gives)
  • Entrepreneur Based Training's
  • Case Studies and Live project Exposure
  • Corporate Interview Etiquette and Industrial Skillset upgradation
  • Learn new trends of Live domestic and International Market Analysis .
  • Making you ready to face interactions with HNI / Interviewers on Skype  / Clients / Traders to manage their Portfolio for Extra Live Earning via Recommendations on Portfolios . 
  • Mock Interview, Evaluation and Assessments at regular intervals to keep an Individual check on understandings on students.
  • Analyst Speaking Rounds
  • Top Newspaper and News channel Analysis
  • Life time Support on any Query ( Which no Institution gives) .
  • Weekly Interview Kits with Q&A practice on Real time Interview Questions
Payment Mode


Who can Apply
  • Students
  • undergrad
  • Post Grad
  • MBA 
  • All Job Seekers
Complimentary Program
  • Intraday Strategies  with Live Earnings
  • Multibagger research
  • Price Action Trading strategies
  • Stock Selection trading Strategies
  • IPO Analysis
  • Market Research
  • Business Analysis
  • Stock Market

On daily basis Assignments are delivered on Batch groups for the topics been studied on daily basis which makes our students the best Master Pro Trader with Master Analyst skills for cracking Top Notch Positions in the Industry with the Respected Careers . Giving an Edge to them towards B-school Selections with Bschool Level Jobs with Top Consulting Firms – Top hedge fund Houses – Top Research Houses – Top brokerage houses – Top AMCs – Top Investment Banks – Top International Firms Jobs WITH OUR Job Guaranteed Program.


Our Assessments have been a major contributor in making our every program a successful program in Market by giving weekly and fortnightly the Assessments live on Markets – Financials – Annual Report Analysis – Case studies – Report Makings which once again makes us No. 1 by giving them live cases on above parameters on Interview MCQ s – Interview kit – VP Round – HR Round – Technical Round – Subjective round – Aptitude Round– Reasoning Round – Email writing Round and Live Analytical recommendation and much more on Assessment part which is something like a ice on cake for every student for making them 100% confident to handle any level of interview in Top notch International MNC s . As selections these days are very challenging for above Jobs which require nurturing on all above skills mentioned which is only achievable at Magnum with Industry skills exposure for clearing all level of rounds in Interview which gives a monopolistic edge once again.

Placement Alumnus

Our Alumnus is working as:

  • Research  Associate
  • Technical Analyst 
  • Research Analyst
  • Credit Analyst
  • Investment Analyst
  • Valuation Analyst
  • Data Analyst
  • Reporting Analyst
  • Commodity Analyst
  • Stock Market Technician
  • Equity Analyst
  • Equity Research Analyst
  • FOREX Analyst
  • Underwriter
Live Projects
  • Live Brokerage house Report Analysis
  • Data Mining & Analysis
  • Country Profiling projects
  • Industry Report
  • Company Analysis report
  • Competitive landscape report
  • Market Research Report
  • Financial model
  • Valuation Model
  • Research Techniques model
  • Annual RESULT case studies
  • MD& A Analysis
  • Forecasting Model
  • Trend Analysis
  • Grahams Model
  • Gann square Model
  • Economy analysis
  • Company Profiling
  • Assessments 
  • Assignments
  • Newsletter
  • Real Live Recommendation
  • Live Market Hours 
  • Live trading
  • Live screeners
  • Stock Selection
  • Magazine Analysis
  • News Channel Analysis
  • Live Earnings
  • 25 days Live Earnings challenge
  • Live report making
  • Market Outlook Report 
  • Technical Report
  • Daily Newsletter
  • Market Overview Daily Report
  • Newspaper Analysis

Our CFMRA (Certification in Financial Analysis & Market Research)have been a most demandable Certification in India giving CV experience + job preparation + 50 live projects + job and internship guaranteed + introduction ready + cover letter ready + practical knowledge + plus report making skills + all many certifications in one programme + live earnings + 50000 monthly back up which w gives in one program a combination of finance + stock market and market research in ProfessionalCertifications have been a very popular hit for getting our students earn live from 25-30th day with Live strategies in live market hours where our Alumnus have been earning full while they are learning during training duration.
This is First India Program giving Job Guarantee to all those students who are willing to work on Top Analyst Positions. This Certification is Out of the Box Certification which not only targets knowledge but also gives secured career of their hard earned money which a student is investing in their Certification.

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